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Hello, my name is Kajuan, and I am the Founder/CEO

of Priority Consultant Services.

After drowning in debt in my early twenty’s and constantly getting denied while applying for lines of credit, I decided to educate myself on financial literacy. My journey started in 2009 after hitting several roadblocks, which led to getting a car with extremely high interest. These circumstances caused me to make a change in my life financially. I devoted my spare time studying laws to establish a solid foundation for my financial freedom. My aspiration is to provide priority services to individuals who are currently experiencing these circumstances.

Financial freedom is an educational process that an individual must be mentally and emotionally ready to take on. My determination also led to development of a distinctive strategy for educating bosses on business fundamentals such as business setup, structure and building business credit. Priority Consultant services will provide resources to ensure no money is left on the table. My biggest gratitude is being able to help others create generational wealth.

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